State Self-Determination Advisory Committee (SSDAC)

The Statewide Self-Determination Advisory Committee is a statutorily created advisory committee that is comprised of the chairs of the 21 local self-determination advisory committees and a member of the Council, to advise and make recommendations on ways to increase the effectiveness of the Self‑Determination Program.

Local Self-Determination Advisory Committees

Self-Determination Advisory Committee Application



Date Documents
November 10, 2021
Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 858 0155 6822
Password 875554
Call in Number: 888-475-4499 
DDS Self-Determination Update Presentation
June 22, 2021 Agenda
February 16, 2021 Agenda
Local SDAC Reports to the SSDAC
SSDAC Co-chair Report Draft
September 25, 2020 Agenda
Local SDAC Reports to the SSDAC
June 9, 2020 Agenda
ELARC Local SDAC Report to the SSDAC
FDLRC Local SDAC Report to the SSDAC
NBRC Local SDAC Report to the SSDAC 


  • Maria Marquez, Chairperson
  • Michelle Smith (CVRC)
  • April Lopez (RCOC)
  • Joyce Clark (SDRC)
  • Lisa Cooley (ACRC)
  • Charles Nutt (FNRC)
  • Jon Francis (NLACRC)
  • Martha Johanson (SARC)
  • Irene Litherland (RCEB)
  • Sherry Johnson (SCLARC)
  • Sonia Jones (NBRC)
  • Linda Chan-Rapp (HRC)
  • Mariela Ramos (VMRC)
  • Robert Taylor (RCRC)
  • Casey Taylor (TCRC)
  • Judy Mark (WRC)
  • Sascha Bittner (GGRC)
  • Virgilio Orlina (ELARC)
  • Maia Pawooskar (IRC)
  • Betty Monterrey (SGPRC)
  • Pierre Landry (FDLRC)
  • Rick Wood (KRC)