State Self-Determination Advisory Committee (SSDAC)

The Statewide Self-Determination Advisory Committee is a statutorily created advisory committee that is comprised of the chairs of the 21 local self-determination advisory committees and a member of the Council, to advise and make recommendations on ways to increase the effectiveness of the Self‑Determination Program.

Local Self-Determination Advisory Committees

Self-Determination Advisory Committee Application



  • Maria Marquez, Chairperson
  • Michelle Smith (CVRC)
  • April Lopez (RCOC)
  • Joyce Clark (SDRC)
  • Lisa Cooley (ACRC)
  • Charles Nutt (FNRC)
  • Jon Francis (NLACRC)
  • Martha Johanson (SARC)
  • Irene Litherland (RCEB)
  • Sherry Johnson (SCLARC)
  • Sonia Jones (NBRC)
  • Linda Chan-Rapp (HRC)
  • Mariela Ramos (VMRC)
  • Robert Taylor (RCRC)
  • Casey Taylor (TCRC)
  • Judy Mark (WRC)
  • Sascha Bittner (GGRC)
  • Virgilio Orlina (ELARC)
  • Maia Pawooskar (IRC)
  • Betty Monterrey (SGPRC)
  • Pierre Landry (FDLRC)
  • Rick Wood (KRC)