Statewide Self-Determination Advisory Committee (SSDAC) Best Practices Platform

This webpage serves as a resource for participants, regional centers, Local Advisory Committies (LACs), and service providers to assist in the successful implementation of the Self-Determination Program. 

The best practices listed below have been reviewed and approved by the Statewide Self-Determination Advisory Committee.


Individual Budgets
Spending Plans
Training and Education
Independent Facilitators
Person Centered Planning
Financial Management Service (FMS)
Local Volunteer Advisory Committees (LVACs)

The Statewide Self-Determination Advisory Committee is made up of the Chairs (and/or Co-Chairs/Designees) of the Local Volunteer Advisory Committees (LVACs) of each of the 21 Regional Centers. These are the practices that the committee has determined to be useful in ensuring that LVACs function at their highest capacity:

The SSDAC recommends using Self-Determination Program Implementation Funds to establish contracts with local agencies/organizations to address areas of concern in your region. Below you will find an example of a Request for Proposal (RFP) created by the Kern Regional Center’s LVAC that has resulted in the development of successful programs. In response to the referenced RFP, Kern was able to secure a grantee(s)/identify a project(s) that would:

      • Increase the number of participants transitioned to Self-Determination.
      • Enhance participants’ and families’ working knowledge of Self-Determination.
      • Provide individualized guidance.
      • Establish accessible Self-Determination mentoring and technical support.
      • Provide group trainings and coaching to address specific topics (person‑centered planning, spending plan, generic resources, Financial Management Service selection, Independent Facilitation, etc.).
      • Provide other tailored trainings as identified by the regional center and local advisory committee to ensure quality of learning in all aspects of the SDP in English and Spanish.
      • Prepare and support the regional center, service providers and other stakeholders for increased Self-Determination implementation.
    • Kern Regional Center Self-Determination Local Advisory Committee Request for Proposals for Use of Self-Determination Implementation Funds
Systemic Program Improvements
National Best Practices