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Program Development Grant Cycle 39

Regional Office: North Bay
Organization Name: *Children’s Nurturing Project
Dollar Amount of Proposal: $20,000
Goal Area Proposed: Early Intervention
Proposal Narrative:This project proposes an inclusive, interactive social skills developmental play group program to serve children with special needs who struggle in their ability to relate and communicate with others. The service is inclusionary as it is open to children aged 3 to 5 who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities as part of best practices. This type of service is based on a blended model of the Integrated Play Group (Pamela Wolfberg) and some components of the DIR (Directional Individual Relational) model (Dr. Stanley Greenspan) which were both designed to equip children with social skills through interaction with others.  The unique components of the play groups will pair neuro-typical peers with special needs peers at a 2:3 ratio, within an interactive play environment. The proposed project will help the participating children with special needs and their families identify areas where social skills are lacking and help them with strategies to strengthen the child’s skills in creating and maintaining relationships, thereby improving their quality of life measures of improvement will be determined using the Social Emotional Developmental Ladder developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and the DIR model.

*Pending successful completion of the protest period.



checklistTransition Checklist
Transition Planning Checklist for students age 14-22 moving from school to adult life.  Includes information about “age of majority” and “parents’ tips for a successful transition”

Lista de verificación Transición en español




SB 946 Autism Insurance Reform Act

This bill effective July 1, 2012, would require those health care service plan contracts and health insurance policies, except as specified, to provide coverage for behavioral health treatment, as defined, for pervasive developmental disorder or autism. The bill would provide, however, that no benefits are required to be provided that exceed the essential health benefits that will be required under specified federal law. Because a violation of these provisions with respect to health care service plans would be a crime, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

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