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The County of San Diego is taking the lead to get more front line health care workers vaccinated by collaborating with regional partners UC San Diego Health, the Padres and the City of San Diego to open the County’s first COVID-19 Vaccination Super Station. This new “POD” program being piloted by the County is a way to quickly and safely vaccinate the 500,000 health care workers in our region eligible for 1A-Tier categories on the state of California’s vaccine priority list including those who provide In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS). The County had previously established four small pods across the region that were administering hundreds of vaccines to health care workers daily that will continue to operate, but the Vaccination Super Station will enable up to 5,000 doses per day of vaccines to be administered to health care workers.

Starting Monday, January 11, 2021, the Vaccination Super Station will be operating from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week for healthcare workers (see list of who qualifies). Vaccines will only be administered to healthcare workers who have made an appointment online at The County’s Vaccination Super Station will be located at the Padres-controlled Tailgate Lot, an expansive space located on Imperial Avenue near Petco Park. Health care workers will be required to present proof they are a health care worker when they arrive onsite. Health care workers will be able to stay in their vehicle to receive the vaccine shot and will remain onsite for 15-minutes to be monitored, once cleared, they can drive away.

Quick Tips For Health Care Workers Who Make an Appointment at the Vaccine Super Station
  1. Health care workers are encouraged to first contact their healthcare providers to request the vaccine, but if none are available, then they should make an appointment for the County’s COVID-19 Vaccine Super Station.
  2. Appointments are required and have to be made at
  3. Do not schedule an appointment if you have COVID-19, or are sick. Please follow CDC guidance for those situations.
  4. Medical professionals administering the vaccine will be wearing personal protective equipment.
  5. Wear a mask.
  6. Acceptable forms of proof to be presented at the County’s Vaccine Super Station: Employee ID badge with photo or other documents, including a professional license and a photo ID, signed letter from their employer on facility letterhead and a photo ID; or, a payment stub or timesheet from their healthcare employer or in-home supportive services with a photo ID.

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