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Regional Office: Los Angeles

Organization Name: *Project Get Safe

Dollar Amount of Proposal: $19,960

Goal Area Proposed: Health and Safety

Proposal Narrative: The goal of the proposed program is to protect effectively, assist, expand health and safety training, and empower individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities within the community. Our program will achieve this in two ways: Provide highly targeted information, techniques,  and tools to (1) increase knowledge and awareness for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities  about the availability of and access to health and public safety-related services and supports, and (2) to educate and train first responders to more effectively recognize, communicate,  and safely assist individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities while honoring these individuals’  rights to safely navigate and contribute to their community.  We will do this by providing a total often (10) training sessions to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and first responders. Our two prong approach is (1) to conduct five 2-hour disability­ related health and safety awareness trainings for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and (2) to conduct five 90-minute trainings for first responders to increase their knowledge and skills of better recognizing, communicating, and safely assisting individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. All aspects of our proposed program are built around evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies, approaches and techniques.

*Pending successful completion of the protest period.

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