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If you have a comment, concern or complaint you are welcome to let us know by completing and submitting the section below or mail/fax the Citizen’s Complaint Form to:  

State Council on Developmental Disabilities
Attn: Executive Director’s Office, Comments/Complaints
3831 North Freeway Blvd. #125
Sacramento, CA 95834
Fax: (916) 263-7969

Staff Directory

Arroyo, Angeles Office
Bchtikian, MarinaOffice Angeles Office
Beza, EmmaRetired
Bingaman, Office
Bins, HollyProgram
Brian, KathyCPS Office
Buell, ValerieOffice Area Office
Butts, JanetPersonnel
Cach, LynnBudget
Carruthers, AaronExecutive
Cervantes, SofiaAGPA818-543-4631 Angeles Office
Cruz, Office
Devi, RavitaOffice
Eby-McKenzie, Coast Office
Endres, CharlotteAssistant to the
Executive Director
Flores, Office
Foots-Rachal, Bernardino Office
Goodman, MelodyCPS II/QA Coordinator818-543-4631 Los Angeles Office
Gorny, DeniseCPS Coast Office
Grady, Coast
Hardin, Riana Self-Advocate
Hernandez, Valley Hills Office
Hillstead, JulieVolunteer Advocacy Services Springs
Hooks, Bay Office
Hurn, BethTravel
Joest, DawnCPS Office
Kindley, DeborahCPS Coast Office
Kolakosky, BridgetDeputy Director of Policy and Public
Kroencke, HeatherOffice Office
Lewis, GeorgeCPS Valley Hills Office
Long, Donald (Ross)CPS Developmental Center
Lopez, GloriaPersonnel
Lucas, JenniferCPS Coast
Macias, ValarieOffice Bernardino Office
Maitino-Erben, RobinCommittee
Marshall, Angel Advocate/Quality Assessment Bay Area Office
Marshall, DebbieCPS Diego Imperial Office
May, State Office
Meehan, ShannonCPS Bernardino
Michel, GenovevaOffice Technician707-648-4073 Bay Office
Morawiec, TaniaDeputy Director of Regional Office
Muirhead, JudiCPS Developmental Center
Murray, ChanelCPS II209-473-6930 Valley Hills Office
Nakamura-Robinson, Bernardino
Nguyen, CharlesOffice Orange County
Nicholau, Area Office
Nolan, Mary AgnesCPS State Office
Park-Kim, LeaInformation Officer
Pio de Roda, DinahOffice Angeles Office
Puccio, RobbinCPS Springs Community Facility
Sale, DouglasDeputy Director of
Sloane, MicheleOffice Developmental Center
Steele, EdRetired
Stives, Mary Diego Imperial Office
Szewiola, SuzannaOffice Technician619-688-3323 Diego Imperial Office
Tacan-Regan, MarigeneOffice Valley Hills Office
Tolbert, ChristineCPS County Office
Traverso, MattPolicy
Usac, RonaldCPS Area Office
Villanueva, Angeles Office
Villanueva, RubyQA Project
vonThenen, County
Wasiak, SarahStaff Services
Weare, TobiasCPS Bay Office
Weisel, BrianLegal
Wilson, ConstanceOffice Developmental Center

Contact Information

3831 North Freeway Blvd. #125
Sacramento, CA 95834

(916) 263-7919
Toll Free: (833) 818-9886
Fax (1): (916) 263-7969
Fax (2): (916) 263-7963

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Guidelines for Public Records Act Requests

The Public Records Act (Government Code sec. 6250 et seq.) provides the public access to public information in government records. To ensure records can be identified, requests for public records should be as specific as possible.  Requests for public records may be directed to:

State Council on Developmental Disabilities
ATTN:  Brian Weisel, Legal Counsel
3831 N. Freeway Blvd. #125
Sacramento, CA 95834

Requests may also be submitted by email to:

Please include your contact information so a staff member can contact you with any questions regarding your request. If you have questions or wish to make an oral request for records, please call (916) 263-7919.