You child smiling wearing sunglasses.He is in the Self-Determination Program. Kion is an independent thinker, sensitive to sound, lights, tastes, and smells. He is persistent, rule bound, and very friendly.

Kion is currently on a children’s team in Modesto. Kion started the Self-Determination Program (SDP) May 1, 2022. Kion has
begun to attend a home daycare where he gets the opportunity to socialize with typical peers. Through his generic resources his daycare provider is provided training on ways she can handle situations when Kion gets overwhelmed. Kion is also receiving support through his generic resource working on socialization skills with peers.

For the first time in Kion’s life, he was able to get a complete vision examination. With supports from his applied behavior analysis (ABA) support staff and his SDP support staff, Kion was able to make it through the appointment and I was able to be MOM!! 

This was one of the first times I got to participate as a parent. I was able to talk to the doctor, while the support staff stayed with Kion and provided him with the support he needed to be calm throughout the appointment.

Young boy sitting in a movie theater seat eating popcorn.

Kion has begun to attend local community events. He was able to attend a free sensory movie at the movie theater. Kion and his support staff began to visit the movie theater two weeks before the movie date. This gave Kion time out in his community, while allowing me time for myself! Kion knew what to expect on the BIG MOVIE Day. Each visit to the movie theater Kion’s support staff would introduce Kion to something new at the movie theater. Thank you, Valley Mountain Regional Center, and thank you Self-Determination team!

– Kion’s mom

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