Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the NCI?

National Core Indicators™(NCI)  is a  project that collects information about the satisfaction and experiences of people with developmental disabilities receiving services.  The NCI strives to provide states with valid and reliable tools to help improve system performance and better serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Through a contract with Department of Developmental Services (DDS), State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD), using the NCI Survey tools, collects quantitative data on consumer satisfaction, provision of services, and personal outcomes.  Data collection is completed through in-person interviews with consumers as well as mail-in surveys from families.

What is the purpose of the NCI

This NCI data collection effort will enable DDS to evaluate the quality and performance of California’s developmental service system and among all of the 21 regional centers over time.  This will help DDS take steps to improve the service delivery system statewide.

How much do interviews get paid for each completed survey?

SCDD currently pays 90.00 per completed survey.

Is there a bilingual differential?

Yes.  For completed surveys that are conducted in a language other than English (including ASL), SCDD pays an additional 25.00 per survey.

How often can we submit an Invoice?

We request that you submit an invoice no more than twice a month.

Can we submit multiple pages of invoices at one time?

Yes,  you can submit at once, multiple pages of invoices.  The last page of your invoice should include the total you are billing for all the surveys you are submitting.

Does my signature need to be in blue?

No longer is your signature required to be in blue.