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Celebrating Olmstead: 14(c) Phase-Out: Lessons Learned from Advancing Legislation & Leaving the Shop

  • Colorado:

Creation of the Employment First Advisory Partnership (EFAP) composed of PWD, family members, advocates, self-advocates, service providers and 5 state departments.  Our legislatively defined task was to create a strategic plan to reduce state specific barriers to employment and to revise and implement that plan over time.  The EFAP’s legislatively-defined mission was time-limited and was extended indefinitely last year (SB21-095). (View Here)

Certain EFAP members followed up with additional legislation in 2018 (SB18-145 Implement Employment First Recommendations and again in 2019 with a major appropriation which created the Colorado Office of Employment First (COEF) among other EF-related projects. (View Here)

Colorado Office of Employment First Website

Employment First Advisory Partnership Website

  • Oregon

Oregon primary data dashboard: 

Provider Self-Assessment (to determine if they are integrated)

Oregon Needs Assessment General information

Oregon Needs Assessment Assessor information (including manual with questions)

Worker’s Guide: Employment Professional Qualifications and Training

Employment Rule OAR 411-345

Discovery Guidelines for Service Coordinators, Personal Agents and Discovery Providers

Employment Policy Website

  • Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Employment Workgroup Handouts

Employment Workgroup Handouts – February 24, 2022 (

Work Matters Checklist: Policy Options for Enhancing the Employment of People with Disabilities (

Policy Checklist – Council of State Governments

New Report Calls for the Phase Out of the AbilityOne Program

The impact of competitive integrated employment on economic, psychological and physical health outcomes for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities (

  • Neon Report

Neon National Plan to Increase CIE

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