How Many Earned Wages

What this page shows us:  This page shows how many working age regional center clients have earned money in each of the last nine years. The number of people making money stayed about the same during and after the great recession. However, since the passage of California’s Employment First Policy, in 2013, the number of people making money increased by approximately 23%%.

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Year Number of Consumers
Receiving Wages
2008 17,346
2009 17,142
2010 17,242
2011 17,870
2012 17,238
2013 17,615
2014 19,021
2015 20,157
2016 21,733

Bar Chart of the number of people receiving wages

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Footnote: The data is from Employment Development Department (EDD). California EDD data reflects the average number of consumers reporting to EDD for the purpose of Unemployment Insurance, a limitation of the data as some people have contract earnings that are unreported. End of footnote.

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