Glossary of Terms Employment Data Dashboard

Certificate of Completion – Certifies that the student completed k-12 education, but without a diploma.  The requirements for a certificate of completion vary by school district.

Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) – Full or part-time work, where individuals are fully integrated with co-workers without disabilities, earning at or above minimum wage, with pay and benefits similar to people without disabilities performing the same or similar work.

Graduated – Graduated high school with a diploma or GED.

Group Supported Employment – Ongoing support by a job coach to group (or enclave) of 3 or more individuals in an integrated job setting to help them adapt to the work environment and learn and perform the work. Individuals served may work for the service provider or directly for the worksite employer and may make above or below minimum wage.

Individual Placement Supported Employment – Support by a job coach to an individual in a competitive integrated job to help him or her adapt to the work environment and learn and perform the work. The individual is employed by the worksite employer and makes at or above minimum wage. Supports typically start intensively when first hired and fades over time.

Integrated jobs – Paid jobs at regular work sites where people with disabilities work alongside people without disabilities to the same extent as anyone would in comparable positions.

Look-a-like Day Program – Individualized day services and supports when regular day programs are not available or adequate to meet the needs of the individual.

National Core Indicators Survey – The National Core Indicators (NCI) is a standard set of performance measures used by states to determine and track outcomes of services and supports offered to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Key areas such as employment, service planning, community inclusion, safety, rights, individual choices and health are measured. In California, in alternating years, survey questions are presented to adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, their family or guardian. All survey participants for that year are administered the same standard questions about how they feel regarding the State services and support received. The results provide the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) with measurable performance outcomes.

Work Activity Program (WAP) – Also called sheltered workshops.  A segregated workplace authorized to hire and support workers with disabilities at subminimum wages.

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