SB 639: Ending the Subminimum Wage

Over 12,000 Californians with disabilities work for less than minimum wage in segregated settings. Some workers with disabilities currently earn less than $2 per hour doing menial work. Senate Bill 639 (Durazo) ensures all workers earn $15 per hour and can become financially independent. It creates a path that transitions workers with disabilities from segregated settings to integrated settings and allows workers with disabilities to earn a real wage and work alongside their colleagues. Several other states and cities have already ended paying people with disabilities less than minimum wage. It is time for California to do the same.

SB 639 has been signed by the Governor!


Watch Jackie’s Story and learn how meaningful work has made a huge impact in her life and why she deserves to be paid regular minimum wage.

Reasons organizations hire people with IDD. Positive relationship with market performance. Positive relationship to addressing D&I at a business strategy level. 70% It supports our organization’s culture. 64% It supports our diversity and inclusion strategy. 62% It’s the right thing to do. 57% We have found good talent matches for open positions. 50% It supports our corporate social responsibility strategy. 47% Internal advocacy from employees with involvement in the IDD community. 43% It produces measurable or observable business benefits. 41% It supports our public image. 30% It supports our talent acquisition strategy. 14% Federal or state incentives. 14% Federal or state contracting requirements. Source: Institute for Corporate Productivity.

Sponsors and supporters list

State Council on Developmental Disabilities (Co-Sponsor)
Disability Rights California (Co-Sponsor)
Legal Aid at Work (Co-Sponsor)
Americans Civil Liberties Union California Action
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Association of California State Employees with Disabilities
At Your Home Family Care
Brain XP
Butte County Special Education Local Plan Area
California Association of People Supporting Employment First
Cal Voices (formerly Nor Cal MHA)
California Alliance for Retired Americans
California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies California Catholic Conference
California Chapter of Mains’l
California Community Living Network
California Conference Board of The Amalgamated Transit Union
California Conference of Machinists
California Council of the Blind
California Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition
California Employment Lawyers Association
California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
California Health+ Advocates
California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
California Nurses Association
California State Council of Laborers
California State Council of Service Employees International Union (SEIU California)
California State University, Los Angeles
California Teamsters Public Affairs Council
Care Parent Network
Child Care Law Center
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)
Dayle McIntosh Center, a Center for Independent Living
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
Disability Voices United
DJ Alex Reyes
Down Syndrome Connection of The Bay Area
East San Gabriel Valley Special Education Local Plan Area Community Advisory Committee
Educate. Advocate.
Empower Family California
Engineers and Scientists of California, Ifpte Local 20, AFL-CIO
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Network of Southern California
Hope Services
Laborers’ International Union of North America
Level Up Nor Cal
National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter
National Health Law Program
NextGen California
One Fair Wage
Options for All
Professional and Technical Engineers, Ifpte Local 21, AFL-CIO
Progressive Employment Concepts
San Francisco Senior and Disability Action
San Joaquin County Special Education Local Plan Area
Santa Barbara County Special Education Local Plan Area
Santa Clara County Special Education Local Plan Area I
Santa Clara County Special Education Local Plan Area II
Santa Clara County Special Education Local Plan Area III
Santa Clara County Special Education Local Plan Area IV
Santa Clara County Special Education Local Plan Area VII
Special Education Local Plan Area Administrators of CA
Strategies to Empower People
Tehama County Special Education Local Plan Area
Unite Here International Union, AFL-CIO
Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO


08/26/21            Passes the Assembly Appropriations Committee as amended. (Ayes 12. Noes 3.)

06/30/21            Passes the Assembly Committee on Human Services as amended and re-refer to the Assembly Committee on Appropriations. (Ayes 6. Noes 1.)

06/22/21            Passes the Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment.

06/01/21            Passes the Senate Floor. (Ayes 31. Noes 3.)

05/20/21            Passes the Senate Appropriations Committee as amended. (Ayes 5. Noes 2.)

04/20/21            Passes the Senate Committee on Human Services as amended. (Ayes 4. Noes 1.) 

03/22/21            Passes the Senate Committee on Labor, Public Employment and Retirement. (Ayes 4. Noes 0.)

02/19/21            Introduced.