Meet the Director

Executive Director Aaron Carruthers has worked in civil rights policy and programs for over twenty-five years, including as an appointee of two Governors, for California’s Attorney General, and in the State Senate and Assembly. He is currently carrying out the Council’s goals, including top priorities of housing, employment, and safety. This work includes over 25,000 vaccines, 380,000 test kits, and 111,000,000 pieces of PPE, along with phasing out subminimum wage. Last year, SCDD’s work impacted more than 6.6 million Californians and it was named Employer of the Year for people with disabilities. He is a child of parents with developmental and other disabilities, is a person with disabilities, and is the parent of young man with disabilities. He is a graduate of the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities and was a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs.