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Selection of Past Grants

ATEC – AAC Mentoring Program

ATEC will establish an AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) Mentoring Program for adult and child users.  This program will be the first of its kind in Orange County and is designed to train adult AAC users to mentor child AAC users, providing opportunities to enhance social engagement, communication ability, independence and community participation/integration.  The Mentoring Program will serve children, adults, family members and caregivers/attendants.

Learning Rights Law Center’s School Access Program

The School Access Program will ensure that children with developmental disabilities receive equal access to the public education system and obtain appropriate education services by providing direct special education advocacy for 100 children in the high poverty areas of East Los Angeles and surrounding communities.  

Get Safe

Get Safe has developed a multi-tiered training program that provides practical information and necessary tools to ensure a safer lifestyle as well as more successful interactions with the complex and often intimidating legal system, from positive encounters with law enforcement to how to handle court proceedings.  Get Safe will provide training seminars for consumers, families, caregivers/service providers, and community professionals, that will teach attendees how to identify, respond and deescalate potentially dangerous and criminal behavior, reducing recidivism rates and adding to the overall safety of the community.

Hands On Job Training Project

The Hands On Job Training Project will provide students with Job Trainers to help them reach their maximum employment potential during their last year in the School of Continuing Education’s Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program.  Project Job Trainers will actively work with the students during the year to enhance their work/social skills while engaged in volunteer jobs on a local college campus, to increase their options for paid employment after graduation.

Progressive Employment Concepts

This project will provide hand on training to staff and clients in the discovery and customized employment process leading to a customized employment outcome for a minimum of two individuals. This project will allow Progressive Employment Concepts to gain the tools needed to have continued success in finding jobs for the individuals we serve, especially those with higher support needs.

Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California

Through the “Journey to Adulthood” program, RFENC will provide parents of teens and young adults with developmental disabilities training and support to educate their children about their bodies, personal care, safety, and social challenges using two (2) curriculums including , PACER’s national “Journey to Adulthood” and a grant developed training on media safety and peer acceptance.

Team of Adovocates for Special Kids (TASK)
Apps for All

TASKS’s Apps for All program will provide workshops and hands-on experience with assistive  technology for adults, children and their parents and professional.  Through workshops and individualized training, participants will learn about specialized mobile applications and iDevices and the potential communication and social skills benefits that apps can provide to people with developmental disabilities. 


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