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Legislation and Public Policy The California Channel is a public service funded entirely by California’s cable television operators as a means to provide Californians direct access to “gavel-to-gavel” proceedings of the California Legislature, and other forums where public policy is discussed, debated, and decided – all without editing, commentary, or analysis and with a balanced presentation of viewpoints.
California HealthLine
Health, Legislation and Public Policy A daily digest of news, policy & opinions on health related topics
California Association for Non-Profits
Governance Resources for nonprofit governance including management best practices.
California Association for Parent-Child Advocacy (CAPCA)
Legislation and Public Policy, Education and Special Education CAPCA provides a network of support for parents, professionals and attorneys who represent children with disabilities and their families in California. The California Association for Parent-Child Advocacy is a collaborative, statewide organization which monitors, analyzes, and responds to both legislative and policy initiatives which would affect the education and lifelong prospects for students with disabilities in California.
California Association of Resource Specialists and Special Education Teachers
Education and Special Education Information and support for resource specialists and special education teachers.
California branch of Council for Exceptional Children
Education and Special Education The worldwide mission of the Council for Exceptional Children is to improve educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities.
California Budget Project...
Legislation and Public Policy Site of the California Budget Project, an impartial look at the condition of California's finances and a look at its budget
California Career Planning Guide
Employment The California Career Planning Guide is designed to assist you through the career planning process and, ulitmately, to help you in preparing your own Career Action Plan. This is a PDF document.
California Career Resource Network
Tranistion, Employment CalCRN is a website that can help you learn to be a great self-manager. You can learn about all the options available to you after high school.
California Caregiver Resource Center
Other Each Caregiver Resource Center serves as a point of entry to services available to care giving families in every county of California.
California Colleges and Universities
Education and Special Education College planning, financial aid, data, maps
California Commission on Teaching Credentialing
Education and Special Education The purpose of the Commission is to ensure integrity and high quality in the preparation, conduct and professional growth of the educators who serve California's public schools. Its work shall reflect both statutory mandates that govern the Commission and research on professional practices.
California Courts
Legal, Housing, Conservatorship and Guardianship Information on legal topics such as landlord/tenant, special education, domestic violence, conservatorship, and many more. Also has links to free and low-cost legal help.
California Department of Education
Government Agency, Education and Special Education Oversight agency for programs that serve older adults
California Department of Education: Laws, Regulations, and Policies
Education and Special Education, Government Agency Federal and state legislation, laws, regulations, policies, legal advisories, and guidance related to Education
California Department of Education: Special Education Division
Education and Special Education, Government Agency Author of "A Composite of Laws, California Special Education Programs".
California Disability Access Information
Government Agency, Legal Government source for information and links on laws, regulations on disability rights and access
California Disability Community Action Network (CDCAN)
Advocacy, Legislation and Public Policy, Mental Health Advocacy Without Borders: Connecting thousands of people with disabilities, mental health needs, seniors, families, workers, low income families to disability rights, senior rights, civil rights and unified action
California District Attorneys Association
Legal To promote justice by enhancing prosecutorial excellence.
California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
Community Services and Supports The California Foundation for Independent Living Centers, based in Sacramento, Calif., is a statewide, non-profit trade organization made up of 25 Independent Living Centers. Through unified action, CFILC envisions civil rights for all people with disabilities. CFILC's mission is to support independent living centers in their local communities through advocating for systems change and promoting access and integration for people with disabilities.