Cycle 36 Community Development Grants Awarded (FY 2013-2014)

The regional offices are proud to support the following projects committed to enhancing the lives of people with developmental disabilities

Note: This notice is not a guarantee of funding; the contracts listed below are subject to the Council receiving sufficient funds from the Federal Government; and is subject to successful contract negotiations with each applicant.



CAPC, Inc  •  Awarded $155,844  •  Los Angeles and Orange County

CAPC, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving adults with developmental disabilities, ages 18 and over, in greater Los Angeles and Orange County. CAPC’s innovative and individualized Support Employment and Supported Living services support 180 adults per year.

North Coast Regional Office

Enriching Lives  •  Awarded $10,000  •  Multiple Counties

Enriching Lives will organize and provide 12 workshops called “Emergency Planning Supports.” Major activities of this project include three separate all-day workshops that will be held in each of the four counties served by Area Board 1.

In the summer of 2014, a follow-up exercise will be held in which all individuals will be invited to participate and practice their newly developed emergency plans that may be held in conjunction with the Cascadia contingency drill held by the state. AB 1 Grant notice (PDF)

North State Regional Office

AMJaMB, Beyond Inclusion  •  Awarded $9,895  •  Mulitple Counties 

AMJaMB, Beyond Inclusion Day Services will employ three consumers in The Call Connection Program to make regularly scheduled phone calls to check on the welfare of up to 100 consumers living in Butte County, individuals with medical issues, aging, or vulnerable for any reason and are home alone for lengths of time. They will have procedures to follow. If additional services or assistance is needed, the consumers that are employed through this program will follow up with the appropriate authorities, emergency medical personnel, and the regional center service coordinator, as needed.

Major collaborations will be with Far Northern Regional Center and local emergency services. AB2 Grant notice (PDF)

Sacramento Regional Office

Johnson Media Consulting  •  Awarded $10,000 

The purpose of this grant is to extend the access of disabled people to affordable accessible housing through a web service that will give them more overall choice, control, and flexibility in their housing accommodations. This project will focus on creating an effective system that will enable disabled consumers and their families to make better choices concerning their living needs.

North Bay Regional Office

Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower  •  Awarded $7,500  •  Multiple Counties

Help people with developmental disabilities who have been victims of abuse from being victimized, and prevent others at-risk from suffering abuse in the first place, by equipping them with experiential success-based tools and skills that have demonstrated performance and effectiveness in keeping them emotionally and physically safe and reduce their risk of becoming a victim of bullying, violence, abuse, or exploitation.

Train, coach and mentor people responsible for the care of people with disabilities such as parents, caregivers and health, education and social services program staff in how to recognize, prevent, intervene, respond to and remedy (potential) abuse; how to teach these skills on their own; and incorporate them into their family support systems, special education curriculum, or agency’s standard practices, on an ongoing basis. AB4 Grant Notice (PDF)

North Bay Housing Coalition  •  Awarded $2,500  •  Multiple Counties

Most persons with developmental disabilities cannot afford to live in a home of their choice without affordable housing options. For example, a one-bedroom rents for more than 114% of person’s SSI in Napa County; 119% in Sonoma County, and 109% in Solano County. The sad reality is that many persons in our community face a housing crisis, and there is intense competition for the scarce affordable housing. We need to tell the story to our policymakers and community …not only the compelling heart-felt stories, but with data as well.

North Bay Housing Coalition (NBHC) will complete housing needs surveys that compiles existing data into a comprehensive report for each city/county in the catchment area. The report will be presented to policymakers to solicit their support at local, state, and federal levels for affordable housing for persons with developmental disabilities.

NBHC proposes to collaborate with North Bay Regional Center and interns from Sonoma State University to gather existing data related to housing needs in its catchment area of Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties. AB 4 Grant notice (PDF)

Bay Area Regional Office

Housing Coalition of the East Bay (HCEB)  •  Awarded $10,000  •  Alameda & Contra Costa County

HCEB will ensure the housing needs and goals of individuals with developmental disabilities in Alameda and Contra Costa counties are included within jurisdictions’ upcoming Housing Elements updates. Major activities will include 1) working collaboratively with Area Board 5 and the Regional Center of the East Bay to update the housing need numbers initially established in 2009; and 2) advocating with and on behalf of people with developmental disabilities to ensure that housing needs data and guidelines are included within jurisdictions’ Housing Element updates per the requirements of SB 812.

The impact of this work will be an increased presence of the housing needs of people with developmental disabilities in local housing plans, and the potential to increase funding for affordable housing that is specifically for people with developmental disabilities. It can be replicated and used in other areas, and maximizes the number of jurisdictions that can and will implement the requirements of SB812. AB 5 Grant notice (PDF)

North Valley Hills Regional Office

Not Avaliable at this time

Silicon Valley-Monterey Bay Regional Office

Hope Services  •  Awarded $10,000  •  Multiple Counties

Hope Services’ Helping Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (DD) with Emergency Preparedness project focuses on widespread distribution of emergency preparedness information to their clients and their families. The project will provide essential emergency preparedness supplies to over 1,100 HOPE clients in Santa Clara, San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties. People need to have adequate supplies on hand to shelter in place for 72 hours in the event of an emergency or natural or man-made disaster, as recommended by Collaborative Agencies’ Disaster Relief Effort (CADRE), the American Red Cross, and all emergency planning agencies. The approximately 5 to l0% of our clients in these counties who live independently or in supported living arrangements need to have supplies at home. Supplies are also needed in HOPE’s day services programs.

Collaboration with CADRE and American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter. AB 7 Grant notice (PDF)

Sequoia Regional Office

Kern Assistive Technology Center •  Awarded $10,000  •  Kern County

The second annual Regional AT Conference will educate people with disabilities, their families,and professionals that support them. The conference will include a national recognized key note speaker who is an expert in the field of service delivery to people with disabilities. The topic covered will include serving the Assistive Technology needs of students with special needs in an educational setting. It will be held at a hotel in Bakersfield in February or March of 2014. The conference will also feature a series of at least 3 different workshops that will address the needs of at least 30 family members and people with disabilities.

Central Coast Regional Office

PathPoint • Awarded $10,000 • Multiple Counties

PathPoint’s Healthy Relationships Curriculum Project will use the paid peer trainer model to support the educational needs of adults with developmental disabilities regarding healthy relationships and sexuality. The human right to healthy social and sexual relationships for people with developmental disabilities has long been ignored and historically-dismissed, putting them at greater risk of being sexually abused or victimized. This project would provide self-advocates and support personnel with opportunities for the development of expertise in the areas of healthy relationships and abuse prevention, based on the healthy relationships curricula Respect Yourself and Me and You developed by the We Care A Lot Foundation.

The Healthy Relationships Curriculum Project will culminate in the hiring of a minimum of two peer trainers and the provision of at least 28 hours of Healthy Relationships training to other adults with developmental disabilities in San Luis Obispo County by the end of the grant cycle. he foundation for ongoing training opportunities and the development of other peer trainer positions in the Tri-Counties area. AB 9 Grant notice (PDF)

Los Angeles Regional Office

Not Available at this time

Orange County Regional Office

NOCCCD School of Continuing Education  •  Awarded $9,970  •  Orange County

This proposed project is consistent with the Council’s goal of collaborating with community agency partners to develop and expand upon existing supported employment opportunities. We are not targeting individuals in a federally identified poverty area.

The target population includes 16 of our students, 8 from Cypress ILS and 8 from Wilshire. The funds will enable us to employ a Job Coach who provides individualized vocational instruction. Each student works at a volunteer job two hours per week. Thus far, available jobs have included college food courts, physical education activity gyms, child school various administrative offices and work opportunities within a horticulture department. In 2013·2014, if we are able to continue the program, the library will be added to allow students to clean and organize books, and to assist at the circulation desk. Other sites that will be explored are the cosmetology program and anew auto program that will open this fall. Community job sites will also be explored to provide restaurant and grocery store work experience.

San Bernardino Regional Office

Get Safe  •  $10,000  •  Inyo, Mono, Riverside and San Bernardino County

This project falls under Area Board 12’s requested focus on creating more sustainable self-advocacy groups in the Inyo, Mono, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Get Safe is very familiar with the needs and unique dynamics of the community and has worked closely with members of both Area Board 12 and Inland Regional Center over the past 12 years, and Kern Regional Center for the past 2 years. This proposal serves to continue to build upon these working relationships, as well as build on the foundation laid by the self-advocacy groups it has been developing during the last two cycles. The training series will continue to cultivate self-advocates who are interested in becoming more intimately involved in their community by discussing topics and concerns that are most relevant to their lives. Participants will be given the tools needed to create and facilitate self-advocacy groups, as well mentoring skills that will ultimately allow them to live safer, healthier and more fulfilling lives while becoming leaders in their respective communities.

San Diego Imperial Regional Office

Get Safe  •  Awarded $10,000

The unifying theme for this series is to provide first responders with the tools necessary to identify prevent, and positively respond to the needs of persons with developmental disabilities through education, practical scenario role plays and advocacy.

Get Safe believes that everyone is a first responder as soon as they interact with a person with developmental disabilities. While this includes a police officer and other emergency personnel, this also includes a coach, a parent, a nurse, a grocery store cashier, or a city librarian. Now more than ever, knowing how to identify and effectively communicate with persons with developmental disabilities is crucial for serving one’s community effectively and safely.