CA Employment Rate vs U.S. Employment Rate (2014)

What this page shows us: The employment rate for the general population and people with disabilities is slightly lower in California than in all of the U.S. However, the employment rate of people with developmental disabilities in California is dramatically less than in the rest of the country.


**Please see footnotes for working age


Footnote: 1The data is from the 2014 Disability Status Report, United States, by Cornell University, by calendar year based on analysis of the US Census Bureau’s, American Community Survey (ACS). The data reflects non-institutionalized working-age people (21-64) with disabilities who work full-time/full year in the United States. Types of disabilities included in the data are: hearing disability, visual disability, cognitive disability, self-care disability, and independent living disability.

2The data is from National Population Statistics, page 57, table 2 (23.5%). Employment Participation for Working-Age People (Ages 16 to 64), StateData: The National Report on Employment Services and Outcomes 2014 published by the Institute for Community Inclusion, UMASS. The data reflects individuals with cognitive disability employed in the United States.

3The data is from Employment Development Department (EDD). CA EDD data is by calendar year (13.1%) and reflects wages reported to EDD for the purpose of unemployment insurance reporting. There is a limitation of the data, as some people have contract earnings that are unreported. End of footnote.

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