Self Advocates Advisory Committee

The Self-Advocates Advisory Committee is comprised of self-advocate members of the Council. The Committee advises the Council on policies, programs and other matters which affect self-advocates in California.

Mission Statement

Be a Voice for all Californians with disabilities by promoting State Council participation and peer advocacy that advances independence and inclusion.

What We Do

  • Speak up for people with disabilities
  • Learn about issues important to people with disabilities
  • Advise State Council and staff on issues the affect us
  • Share information about our rights
  • Assist people with disabilities to be on Boards and committees
  • Participate in and lead regional and statewide advocacy groups/networks


Date Documents
January 27, 2020


Handout – POS Service Codes


  • Jeana Eriksen, ChairpersonĀ 
  • Nicole Adler
  • Sandra Aldana
  • Julio Garnica
  • Matthew Lagrand
  • Maria Marquez
  • Kara Ponton
  • Rosanna Ryan
  • Wesley Witherspoon

Facilitation Guide